Petr Bakla  



I am standing on a hill (2014) for piano solo

- durata 7:45
- premiered on 25 February 2015 by Hayk Melikyan at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, Yerevan, Armenia

The title of the piece is obviously a reference to Alvin Lucier, for me one of the most interesting American composers. While it is the electronic piece I am sitting in a room which is his best known, no less important in Lucier’s oeuvre are the pieces that use the so called “sweeping” oscillators in combination with acoustic instruments. Precisely these pieces must have been (the connection wasn’t clear to me from the beginning) an impulse for my own loose series of pieces based on simple operations with the chromatic scale (first dating from 2006). Similarly to Lucier’s oscillator practice, there is a steadily moving background, against which musical events take place – the scale is “searching” the tonal space and “finds” things along the way. As for the aesthetic side, I would say that my music owes both to the venerable tradition of austere American experimentalism and to the rather European way of musical thinking, but since such a vague description would require a rather lengthy elaboration to really mean something, let me put it this way: the title of the present piece can be read as an homage to Alvin Lucier, as well as a straightforward expression of my – call it romantic if you wish – inclination to stand on hills.