Petr Bakla  



Major thirds (2016) for piano quintet

- duration ca 20 min.

- jointly commissioned by Czech Center New York and Ostrava Center for New Music

- premiered on 25th April 2017 by Joseph Kubera (piano), Momenta Quartet (Emilie-Anne Gendron, Alex Shiozaki,Stephanie Griffin, Michael Haas) and Petr Kotik (cond.) at the Bohemian National Hall, New York, USA
(Preview performance took place on 24th April 2017 at the Willow Place Auditorium, Brooklyn)

The tonal component of the piece exclusively consists of major thirds that establish a continuous sound surface undulating in chromatic shifts. Each section of the piece examines the constant tonal material at a different speed, a different density of texture, and with differing degree of blurring of the interval of major third. The piece is scored for string quartet and piano. While I sincerely like all instruments, I couldn’t deny that the piano and the strings have some kind of "puristic" quality for me, that I find very suitable for the explorations undertaken in the piece.