Petr Bakla  



TAPE HORN (2003) for French horn and soundtrack (stereo)

- durata 8:35
- written for Petr Cígler and premiered by him in Prague, god knows when...

I am fascinated by the expressive power of individual intervals and the "energy" hidden in them. The horn part is in fact nothing else than concentrated exploring of the most simple melodic figures, rather groupings of individual intervals than real melodies. I think there is a huge potential in this kind of reduction and concetration.
The electronic part is based on a very simple algorithm: the sixteen chords have been inferred, with help of chance operations, from the low cluster of chaotic glissandi (in this way I got rid of the tempered scale or any other pre-established pitch system) and they resolve (via glissandi) into an almost imperceptible major seventh chord sounding permanently two octaves higher.
Only after the piece had been finished, I realized that I created a kind of very free variation on Charles Ives’ famous The Unanswered Question. I’d like to believe that there is some deeper-than-superficial connection between the two pieces.