Petr Bakla  



Wind Quintet (2005)
for flute, clarinet, oboe, French horn and bassoon

- durata ca. 6:30
- premiered by Petr Cígler´s Sine Nomine Quintet sometime in the spring 2005 in Prague
- released on Young Blood (Czech Music Information Center 2005), see CDs

The piece’s sketch measures a meter and a half of millimeter paper. In the pitch-time coordinates I drew squares of different size and rotated in different ways, and acting freely and with deliberation, I used the chart as an oracle to read off the notes for the score as well as time proportions – what I devised here was in fact a graphical generalization of some obsolete serial technique. The chart (very nice one!) proved very helpful in navigating through the creation of the piece and the whole compositional process happily resulted into a very adventurous journey full of surprise and discovering. To use more poetic description, I would say that the Quintet explores ways in which a wantonly melancholy chaos lines up in futile striving.
Dedicated to Pees.