Petr Bakla  



Piano Concerto (2010-2012)
for piano solo and ensemble

- durata: ca 17 min
- commissioned by the Ostrava Center for New Music
- premiered by Daan Vandewalle and Ostravská banda (Roland Kluttig, cond.) on 26th August 2013 in Ostrava, CZ
- available on LP (GOD36) and on CD (Music of Ostrava Days 2013), see CDs

In this concerto, the ensemble music is a duet of two "infinite melodies" progressing in semitone segments
(the violins) and whole-tone segments (the low instruments). The solo piano part divides the composition into two equally long sections. In the first section, the piano connects the music of the two ensemble groups, like a zipper, in the imaginary middle of the tonal space – it focuses ("sharpens") the melodic duet while transforming
it following a simple principle.
In the second half, the piano seems to "support" the two voices as if from within, creating an irregular "peristyle". The piano music here is derived from the ensemble music in a slightly different manner (yet still related) than in the first section.
Throughout the piece, the piano part is based on repeated notes, a technique remote from the common "pianistic" approach to the instrument. However, it is preciselsy this technique which represents a special quality, the elegance of which is inaccessible to any other instrument. The composition is therefore a real "piano concerto" rather than a "pianist concerto", which implies great demands required from the pianist on both technical and psychological level.