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Ostrava Days 2023 Live, Album 2 (digital album, Ostrava Center for New Music, 2023)
contains: Diptych (2023)
Available on Bandcamp

Late Night Show (CD / digital album, Sub Rosa 2023)
tracks: Piano Concerto No. 2, Major Thirds, No. 4
Miroslav Beinhauer, piano
Brno Contemporary Orchestra cond. by Pavel Šnajdr
Liner notes: Eric Wubbels
Photo and design: Markéta Othová
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Ostrava Days Live 2019-2021 (2CD / digital album, Ostrava Center for New Music, 2021)
contains: There is an island above the city (2018)
Available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify

Usableness of the list / Portfolio (CD and digital album)
Miroslav Beinhauer, piano
Octopus Press 2021
available from the publisher or on Bandcamp

Pieces by a number of Czech composers (Czech Music Information Centre 2019)
contains: Summer Work (2016)
available on Bandcamp

Piano Concerto, Classical blend / Weihnachtsoratorium (LP, GOD Records 2016)
featuring a photo by Ivan Pinkava
available through

Music of Ostrava Days 2013 Live (Ostrava Center for New Music 2015)
contains: Piano Concerto (2010-12)
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Ostravská Banda On Tour (MutableMusic 2011)
contains: Serenade (2010)
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Music of Ostrava Days 2009 Live (Ostrava Center for New Music 2010)
contains: Material and Dreams (2009)
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Material and Dreams

Young Blood (Czech Music Information Center 2005)
contains: Wind Quintet (2005)
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