Petr Bakla  




December 18
Live recording of Diptych released on Ostrava Days 2023 Live, Album 2

28 August
Diptych for 12 strings premiered by Ostravská banda, conducted by Bruno Ferrandis
Ostrava Days Festival

21 April
Elsewhere performed by Ostravská banda & S.E.M. Ensemble, conducted by Jiří Rožeň
Bohemian National Hall, 321E 73rd St. NYC, USA
preview: 19 April, Willow Place Auditorium, 26 Willow Place, Brooklyn Heights

19 April
LATE NIGHT SHOW - new album released on Sub Rosa, Belgium
Miroslav Beinhauer, piano
Brno Contemporary Orchestra conducted by Pavel Šnajdr
Liner notes by Eric Wubbels, cover by Markéta Othová
Tracks: Piano Concerto No. 2, Major Thirds, No. 4
CD & digital

6 April
No. 4 performed by Miroslav Beinhauer
Atrium na Žižkově, Prague, CZ

April 26th & 28th
Two instances
premiered by Andrej Gál and Daan Vandewalle
on the occasion of Petr Kotík's 80th birthday
PLATO Ostrava (26th), DOX+ Prague (28th)

December 22th
There is an island above the city for orchestra on CD!
performed by Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra & Peter Rundel
part of Ostrava Days Live 2019-2021 double-CD
get your copy here

October 14th
New album (CD and digital download) released on Octopus Press!
Usableness of the list / Portfolio
Miroslav Beinhauer, piano
available from the publisher or on Bandcamp

August 26th
Piano Concerto No. 2
premiered by Miroslav Beinhauer & Ostravská banda conducted by Bruno Ferrandis
Ostrava Days Festival, Ostrava, CZ

June 11th
Dog Variations performed by Neues Klaviertrio Dresden
Hygiene-Museum Dresden, Germany

saw a couple of fine on-line events, and 5 remarkable studio productions:
No. 4, Portfolio, Usableness of the List, Simple Constellations and May Way
have been recorded by the amazing Miroslav Beinhauer. Stay tuned!

Summer Work now available on CD!

August 31st
There is an island above the city
premiered by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra cond. by Peter Rundel
August 28th
No. 4 premiered by Miroslav Beinhauer
Ostrava Days Festival, Ostrava, CZ

May 20th
My Way (1st version) premiered by Ivan Siller
Dvorana VŠMU, Bratislava, Slovakia
UPDATE: May 2020 saw final version of the piece

January 11th
String trio no. 2 performed by ensemble recherche
Mannheim Gesellschaft für Neue Musik, Germany

December 15th
Matthias Lorenz plays Something with something else III
Am Kirchberg 27, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
!!! UPDATE: A studio recording by the very same Matthias is now right here !!!
Matthias Lorenz takes Something with something else III on tour:
Nov. 26th: Wilhelm 13, Oldenburg, Germany
Nov. 25th: Kunstverein Bremerhaven, Germany
Nov. 8th:  Atrium, Prague, CZ
Nov. 6th:  Unerhörte Musik, BKA, Berlin, Germany
Nov. 4th:  Tolstefanz Hofstelle Flammer, Germany

September 13th
Matthias Lorenz plays Something with something else III
geh8, Dresden, Germany

June 4th
Statements? performed by Berg Orchestra
Bronislava Smržová - soprano, Peter Vrábel - conductor
Továrna Holešovice, Prague, CZ

April 21th
Waft performed by Duo Vulcain (Daphné Widmer-Fragnière & Simon Engel)
Ecole de Musique de la Gruyère, Bulle, Switzerland

April 14th
Waft performed by Duo Vulcain (Daphné Widmer-Fragnière & Simon Engel)
Villa Liebegg, Männedorf, Switzerland

March 9th
String trio no. 2 premiered by ensemble recherche
Morat-Institut, Freiburg, Germany

January 31st
Elsewhere commissioned & premiered by Brno Contemporary Orchestra,
cond. by Pavel Šnajdr
Philharmonic Hall, Brno, CZ


October 9th
Last piece (Mostly stepwise) premiered by PHACE Ensemble
commissioned by MusicOlomouc festival, Olomouc, CZ

October 8th
String quartet no. 2 performed by Quatuor Diotima
Musikprotokoll Graz, Austria

August 25th
September performed by String Noise
August 28th
Summer Work premiered by Ostravská banda, cond. by Bruno Ferrandis
August 30th
Major Thirds performed by Momenta Quartet & Joseph Kubera
Ostrava Days Festival, Ostrava, CZ

August 14th
Something with something else I premiered by Conrad Harris
Spectrum, NYC, USA

June 25th
September performed by String Noise
Embassy of the Czech Republic, Washington, D.C., USA

June 22th
September performed by String Noise
Bohemian National Hall, 321E 73rd St. NYC, USA

May 15th
Something with something else III premiered by Matthias Lorenz,
PLATO @ former Bauhaus market, Ostrava, CZ

April 25th
Major Thirds premiered by Momenta Quartet & Joseph Kubera
Bohemian National Hall, 321E 73rd St. NYC, USA
preview concert: April 24th, Willow Place Auditorium (26 Willow Pl, Brooklyn)

The LP "Piano concerto | Classical blend / Weihnachtsoratorium" (GOD 36)
reviewed by Bastian Zimmermann for the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (1/2017)

"(...) Es ereignen sich keine musikalisch klischierten Instrumentalgesten."

November 27th
Live recordings from the Exposition of New Music 2016 festival now available!
Listen to Emanuele Torquati's great performance of
First movement and variations (2012) and Melody and Accompaniment (2007)

October 23rd
First movement and variations (premiere) and Melody and Accompaniment
performed by Emanuele Torquati at the Exposition of New Music Festival
Brno, CZ

July 10th
String quartet no. 2 premiered by Fama Q
Festival de Música de La Mancha, Quintanar de la Orden, Spain

June 21st
Piano concerto broadcast on Klara, radio channel of the Belgian VRT
Late Night Lab 22:00-00:00

July 30th
Pavel Turek´s 2-page coverage of the fresh LP release
for the prestigious weekly Respekt (31/2016, in Czech)

June 8th
New LP just released on the Austrian label GOD Records!
Contains Piano concerto and Classical blend / Weihnachtsoratorium
more info + sound excerpts here, order here


December 30th 23:15 CET
Classical blend / Weihnachtsoratorium broadcast on Czech Radio 3
Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, cond. Rolf Gupta. Listen online.

November 1st
Slide, series premiered by William Lang
Spectrum, NYC, USA

October 19th
Simple truths premiered by Hayk Melikyan
Komitas Chamber Music Hall, Yerevan, Armenia

September 3rd
Dog Variations performed by Elole Klaviertrio
Dresden, Germany

August 26th
Classical blend / Weihnachtsoratorium premiered by the Janáček Philharmonic,
cond. Rolf Gupta
Dog Variations revised version premiered by Elole Klaviertrio
Ostrava Days Festival, Ostrava, CZ

June 7th
Uniplanar, version for 4 clarinets
live recording available, listen to it here

May 12th
Hlavní děj / Master process, joint project with visual artist Markéta Othová
String Quartet
Performed by Fama Q
Plato Gallery, Ostrava, CZ

February 25th
I am standing on a hill premiered by Hayk Melikyan
Cafesjian Cetre for the Arts, Yerevan, Armenia

February 17th
Uniplanar (version for 4 clarinets) premiered by the ensemble of the Brno Conservatory
Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, Brno, CZ

January 29th
September premiered by String Noise
Roulette, NYC, USA

November 26th
Major seconds - night walking for double bass performed by Uli Fussenegger
Contempuls festival, Prague, CZ

October 6th
For Eduard Herzog performed by Ensemble ConstantY
Lviv, Ukraine

June 14th
Three Instances performed by Duo Hellqvist/Amaral
Villa Romana, Florence, Italy

April 7th, 1:05 AM
String Quartet broadcast by Czech Radio 3
performed by famaQ, listen online

March 22nd
Dog Variations premiered by Prague Modern ensemble
43.Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna festival, Poznan, Poland

October 22nd
String Quartet recorded by famaQ for Czech Radio 3

August 26th
Piano concerto premiered by Daan Vandewalle
and Ostravská banda, cond. Roland Kluttig
Ostrava Days, Ostrava, CZ

Just finished: No.4 for piano solo. See Works.

July 4th
Wind Quintet no. 2 premiered by Phoenix Wind Quintet
Festspiele Europäische Wochen Passau, Germany

March 26th
Hlavní děj / Master process, joint project with visual artist Markéta Othová.
Part of Prague Modern's series "nahlížet nasloucháním / écouter-voir / listening eyes"
Performed by Fama Q
Tranzitdisplay, Prague, CZ

Just finished: slightly monumental Usableness of the list ("Providing more evidence
to prove the list's usableness is perhaps not necessary.")
for piano solo. See Works.


October 15th
new recording of Slide, series (2008) for solo trombone
is now available here, Mike Svoboda plays. Find more in Works.

April 3rd
Waft performed by The Kenners at the Brooklyn College Conservatory

January 28th
Shift premiered by the ensemble recherche at the Morat-Institut
Freiburg, Germany

January 27th
Three Instances to Petr Kotík on his 70th birthday
premiered by Conrad Harris (vln) and Daan Vandewalle (pf)
at Club Parník
Ostrava, Czech Republic
next performances:
Jan. 29th at the "Hellichovka", Prague
Feb. 7th at the Roulette, Brooklyn (with Joe Kubera on piano)

January 17th
Scales, Ocatves, Repetitions VII premiere of revised version
by the Prague Modern ensemble at the Prague Conservatory Hall
Prague, Czech Republic


September 25th
Melody and Accompaniment (Scales, Octaves, Repetitions IV)
performed by Eva Hutyrová, Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts
Prague, Czech Republic

August 30th

Melody and Accompaniment (Scales, Octaves, Repetitions IV)
premiered by Daan Vandewalle (pf) at the Ostrava Days festival
Ostrava, Czech Republic

May 28th
Statements? premiered at the Musik-Akademie Basel (Grosser Saal)
Basel, Switzerland

April 27th
Serenade released on Ostravská Banda on Tour 2CD (Mutablemusic, NYC)

April 17th
For Eduard Herzog U.S. premiere by the Empyrean Ensemble at the Mondavi Center
Davis, CA, USA
presentation at the UC Davis (13th) and UC Berkeley (15th)